Low ABV beers

Unintentionally, I have recently been sampling a lot of low ABV (alcohol by volume) beers. It seems as though more and more people are on the look out for beers with a lower alcohol content, so I felt it would be a good idea to write a piece about some of the great ones I’ve tried recently. It’s worth mentioning now that although the beers I am writing about here have an alcohol content lower than most beers, they are still alcoholic and are not classed as non-alcoholic beers.

Picnic Sour Ale by Brekeriet Beer Ab, also featuring by basil and chilli plants

The first beer I’m going to talk about is one that was including in my BeerBods subscription this month – Picnic Sour Ale by Brekeriet from Sweden. This is a Rhubarb sour made with Lactobacillus yeast and at only 2.2% it is one of the lowest alcohol sours I have ever tried. I think the name is very fitting as this would be the perfect beer to drink at a picnic on a warm summers day when you don’t fancy drinking too much. It’s a very powerful sour that packs a lot of punch, with a lovely refreshing taste of fruity rhubarb. This would be great for all the sour beer lovers out there who are on the look out for something a bit lighter.

White Out IPA by Cromarty Brewing Company

Next up is another one from BeerBods – White Out IPA by Cromarty Brewing Company. This one is a fair bit stronger at 3.8%, but still very light and sessionable. White Out IPA is made with Citra, Mosaic and Motueka hops with a wheat based malt. It’s really light and refreshing but you get a big hit of hops as it gets to the back of your tongue. It’s quite hazy and wheaty and definitely fits into the ‘easy drinking’ category. A wonderful summer beer.

Northern Lights Micro IPA by Whiplash

The final beer is Northern Lights Micro IPA by Whiplash Brewery. I didn’t know this at the time, but apparently this beer was brewed for Hop City Leeds beer festival with Northern Monk. Whiplash are based in Wicklow, Ireland and at 2.8% this pineapple and hop-filled beer is surprisingly delicious. I could happily drink many of these – I don’t think I’ve ever had such a low ABV beer that is so well-balanced, hazy and hoppy. I will need to try and track down more cans of Northern Lights because it really is a fantastic beer. I bought this can from a beer shop in Cardiff a few weeks ago, so not sure how easy it will be to find more, however I am definitely keen to try more from Whiplash if this beer is anything to go by.

Thanks for reading and do get in touch if you’ve had any low ABV beers recently that you would recommend. Next weekend I’m off to Magic Rock Brewery in Huddersfield for Seshfest – a one-day beer festival dedicated to session beers below 4.5%, so I’m sure I’ll be writing more about session/low ABV beers very soon.


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